Coaching with Substance

CLET Supports Gold Coast Charity

As the leading provider of justice studies, community services, counselling, correctional, government, police and public safety education, we understand community issues well. Therefore, we are proud supporters of the 2014 Best Not-For-Profit Award Winner Coaching With Substance.

Coaching With Substance is an innovative charity serving Australians who are suffering from addiction and addictive behavioural issues since 2010. Just in the last year, 26 volunteers and qualified recovery coaches have helped deliver services to over 120 Australians. The clients who have availed of their recovery coaching services have escaped domestic violence issues, made plans towards being less at risk of homelessness, turned away from their suicide ideation, better understood and stopped their sexually abusive tendencies, were reformed from criminal behaviour, quit illegal drugs and alcohol, found their purpose, become more productive citizens and better parents. They are truly making a difference in the sector of the community that needs it most, by setting inspirational goals with clients and ensuring they strategise together to achieve client goals.

You, too can support this great charity by clicking on this link and donating to their cause. So far, almost $12K has been given to this Charity using this portal.

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