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Police Careers

CLET provides a variety of exciting study options for people who wish to prepare well to improve their merit when applying to enter a police career in Australia. Prepare well for selection process and be study ready for the academy!

All suggested Police Career Qualifications on this page are relevant to policing, so select the qualification that best interest you.

Click on any Police Career Qualification heading for course information or read our CLET article on becoming a police officer in Australia.

Police Career Justice Qualifications:

  • Crime and Justice Studies Short Program - 10283NAT
  • Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies - 10283NAT
  • Diploma of Crime and Justice Studies - 10284NAT

Police Career Public Safety Qualifications:

  • Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) - PUA52312
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) - PUA60112

Police Career Business Qualifications:

  • Certificate III in Business Administration - BSB30415
  • Certificate IV in Business Administration - BSB40515
  • Certificate IV in Business - BSB40215
  • Diploma of Business - BSB50215
  • Diploma of Business Administration - BSB50415

Police Career Management Qualifications:

  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management - BSB42015
  • Diploma of Project Management - BSB51415
  • Diploma of Management - BSB51107

Police Career Government Qualifications:

  • Certificate IV in Government - PSP40116
  • Certificate IV in Government Investigations - PSP40416
  • Certificate IV in Government Security - PSP40316
  • Diploma of Government - PSP50116
  • Diploma of Fraud Control - PSP50716
  • Diploma of Government Investigations - PSP50416
  • Diploma of Government Security - PSP50316
  • Diploma of Court Operations - PSP50216
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