Business Courses

CLET business qualifications are commonly used to achieve employment in many industries and positions due to the transferable knowledge and skills covered in each course and they are a great addition to your resume. 

Study, Workplace Initiative, Recognition or Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Options are Available.

These well rounded business, business administration and human resources qualifications have been individually selected by CLET to offer you the opportunity to both study and/or be considered for recognition of prior learning (RPL) via an obligation FREE assessment process.

Qualifications in this area are perfect if you would like to have a flexible workplace option, where your qualification is transferrable between many industries and position. PLUS, Diplomas and advance diplomas are of great assistance when applying for entry into a university degree and have the possibility to receive credit towards subjects within a relevant university degree, reducing both your study time and fees payable.

Business Qualifications

certificate-iii-in-business-administrationBSB30415 - Certificate III in Business Administration
Study thirteen (13) Certificate III level business administration units and build your knowledge and skills to prepare for a range of administrative roles.

certificate-iv-in-business-administrationBSB40515 - Certificate IV in Business Administration
This ten (10) unit Certificate IV qualification is currently assessed via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) ONLY, NO STUDY or GAP Training is offered.

certificate-iv-in-businessBSB40215 - Certificate IV in Business
Study ten (10) Certificate IV level business units and learn how to be a powerful administrator or project officer.

certificate-iv-in-human-resourcesBSB41015 - Certificate IV in Human Resources
Study ten (10) human resources units designed to build transferable skills for both the public and private sector HR areas and are a great addition to your resume. Study, Recognition or Prior Learning (RPL) and credit options are available.

diploma-of-businessBSB50215 - Diploma of Business
Study eight (8) Diploma level business units and build your business skills in workplace planning, project work, advertising, marketing, HR and management.

diploma-of-business-administrationBSB50415 - Diploma of Business Administration
Study eight (8) Diploma level business units and build your business skills in administration, marketing, HR and IT to name just a few.

diploma-of-quality-auditingBSB51615 - Diploma of Quality Auditing
Study eight (8) Diploma level quality and auditing specific units and build your knowledge and skills in the area of quality auditing.

diploma-of-human-resourceBSB50615 - Diploma of Human Resources Management
Study nine (9) Diploma level Human Resources Management specific units and build your knowledge and managerial skills in organisations and business areas.

double-diploma-of-business-and-managementBSB60215 - Advanced Diploma of Business
Study eight (8) Advanced Diploma level business units and build your senior administrative skills if you are seeking to develop expertise across a wider range of business functions.

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