BSB60215 - Advanced Diploma of Business

Study eight Advanced Diploma level business units and build your senior administrative skills if you are seeking to develop expertise across a wider range of business functions.

Study, Workplace Initiative Recognition or Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Options are Available.

BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business is a course that will prepare you to manage finances, manage human resources strategic planning, manage knowledge and information, lead and manage organisational change, manage the marketing process, develop organisational marketing objectives, develop a marketing plan and develop an advertising campaign.

STUDY - This qualification will provide you with a significant level of theoretical business skills and knowledge and will consolidate and build pathway opportunities into university study and/or employment opportunities.

WORKPLACE INITIATIVE: - If you are looking for a promotion or to build a higher level of knowledge and skills as a supervisor or in a management role where managing organisational policies and procedures is part of that position, we invite you to study this course as part of your workplace professional development, to not only complement your current skills, but formalise them into a nationally recognised qualification at the same time. An added bonus is you may receive RPL for some or all of the units, depending on how your knowledge, skills and current experience covers each of the units in this qualification.

If you would like to enrol, click the green ENROL NOW button. If you would like to apply for RPL or commence the workplace initiative pathway, click on the blue RPL Assessment button to begin.


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