Fitness Courses

Online courses to prepare you for careers in the health and fitness industry. Study at your own pace with a modern and flexible Australian private college.

CLET Functional Fitness is a faculty of the College for Law Education and Training that specifically focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to improve the functionality of people in the community and help the fight against obesity in Australia. CLET nationally recognised fitness courses will give you everything you need to become a renowned fitness professional.

The CLET Certificate III in Fitness is the gateway to the fitness industry, providing the base level qualification to become a gym instructor and start your new fitness career. Whether you are looking for a change from what you are doing now, or just wanting to learn about health and fitness, the Certificate III in Fitness is the way to get started.

Following on from the Certificate III in Fitness is the Certificate IV in Fitness which is the key qualification to becoming a personal trainer. Giving you the opportunity to run your own business and contribute to health and fitness in the community, the CLET Certificate IV in Fitness is the key to a great future as a fitness professional.

Once you have completed the Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness you are ready to excel in the fitness industry with the CLET Diploma of Fitness. The Diploma of Fitness is a fantastic qualification that will set you apart from others in the fitness industry. It is a comprehensive, specialist course that is focussed on ensuring you become the best in your field.

Take hold of the fantastic opportunities in the fitness industry today and undertake the CLET fitness courses. With self-paced study and access to industry experts with over 35 years experience, CLET makes it easy for you to change careers and open up a new future. With a focus on functional fitness, CLET will help you become a vital part of the community, working together to improve health and fitness in Australia, now and in the future.

Fitness Courses

certificate-iii-in-fitnessCertificate III in Fitness - SIS30313
It is a dynamic qualification and is the first step for anyone wishing to kick-start a career in the fitness industry.

certificate-iv-in-fitnessCertificate IV in Fitness - SIS40210
Following on from your qualification as a Gym Instructor after completing the Certificate III in Fitness, the Certificate IV in Fitness is an excellent way to enhance your new skills and build on your new knowledge.

diploma-of-fitnessDiploma of Fitness - SIS50213
A qualification for people who are committed to the fitness industry and want to be the best possible fitness instructor or trainer.

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