BSB60915 - Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources)

This qualification is assessed by Recognition or Prior Learning (RPL) ONLY.

This qualification reflects the role of individuals working as human resources directors, strategists and national regional or global human resources managers. They provide leadership and strategic direction in the human resources activities of an organisation. They analyse, design and execute judgements using wide-ranging technical, creative, conceptual or managerial competencies. Their knowledge base may be highly specialised or broad within the human resources field. These individuals are often accountable for group outcomes and for the overall performance of the human resources function of an organisation.

RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING (RPL): -This high level human resources qualification has been individually selected by CLET to best provide study and recognition of workplace knowledge and skills from people who already possess many years of experience in management of human resources in one or more organisations. This course is not available as a study option.

The flags below confirm if this qualification is available for STUDY and RPL or RPL ONLY.

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Units - BSB60915
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