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CLET Police Studies offers a comprehensive list of police, justice and government qualifications for potential police recruits to best prepare for a police career through to the most experience of police officers who wish to maintain a modern and energised attitude towards their professional development.

CLET police studies courses are nationally recognised online training courses, with access to study resources 24/7 with 7 day a week support and full flexibility to study at your pace.

CLET police studies help prepare students for careers in policing including positions such as a police recruit, local government law enforcement officer, government security and compliance, work health and safety and justice administration.

All courses under this heading include psychometric assessment and police interview advice and preparation.

Police Courses

Police Applicant Preparation Courses

Justice Studies Short ProgramJustice Studies Short Program
Have you ever thought about a career in policing? Hit the ground running with our excellent Police Applicant Preparation Program for Queensland Police Service, Victoria Police and Western Police Applicants. Five units of study from the Diploma of Justice Studies plus Police psychometric assessment and interview preparation resources included.

Certificate III in Police StudiesCertificate III in Police Studies
The Certificate III in Police Studies is no longer available due to recent Government licensing changes. A perfect alternative for potential NSW Police applicants is the Certificate IV in Justice Studies which will add merit to your application and exceed the minimum education entry requirements for the NSW Police Force.

Certificate IV in Justice StudiesCertificate IV in Justice Studies
Study 10 units from the Diploma of Justice Studies and learn to identify and apply the legal framework, communicate with clients on justice related issues, prepare court documentation, analyse social justice issues, gather information through interviews, analyse and present research information, promote team effectiveness and supervise offenders.

Diploma of Justice StudiesDiploma of Justice Studies
This Diploma expands on the knowledge achieved during the Certificate IV where you study a further 6 units and learn to promote the values and ethos of public service, research issues and concerns in correctional services, analyse crime, punishment and victimology issues and manage conflict.

Advanced Diploma of JusticeAdvanced Diploma of Justice
A 25 unit qualification that provides everything you need to be confident to achieve employment across the justice sector with knowledge and skills to work effectively within the juvenile justice, community corrections, State and Federal Police, community legal centres, legal offices and more.

Police Officer Professional Development Courses

certificate-iii-in-mercantile-agentsCertificate III in Mercantile Agents
Provides all the knowledge needed to work as a process server, collect debits, locate individuals, and resolve disputes.

certificate-iv-in-project-managementCertificate IV in Project Management Practice
This qualification reflects the role of individuals who use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of contexts.

certificate-iv-in-legal-servicesCertificate IV in Legal Services
This qualification encourages well-developed communication, research and writing skills and develops a broad knowledge base to provide support in a range of legal sector settings.

certificate-iv-in-frontline-managementCertificate IV in Frontline Management
The qualification is a useful addition for any individuals who may have existing qualifications and technical skills in any given vocation or profession, yet require skills or recognition in supervisory functions.

certificate-iv-in-government-statutory-complianceCertificate IV in Government (Statutory Compliance)
Equips Government employees with the skills required to function in this specialist area, as well as providing crucial learning for those wishing to enter Government organisations in these specialty roles.

diploma-of-public-safety-emergency-managementDiploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management)
Emergency management is a growth area in Australia and offshore as nature bears its worst on parts of the world, and war continues to erupt in different location.

certificate-iv-in-government-fraud-controlCertificate IV in Government (Fraud Control)
With a strong focus on the investigation, identification and solution of issues associated with matters of fraud, the qualification is an excellent entry level course for people hoping to work in this unique and interesting area of Government.

diploma-of-government-fraud-controlDiploma of Government (Fraud Control)
Fraud control is about ensuring that people do not commit fraud against the Government, including the enforcement of compliance associated with the payment of tax, receipt of Centrelink payments, appropriate use of Government funds, interaction with companies and individuals, illegal appropriation of resources and much more.

certificate-iv-in-government-investigationCertificate IV in Government (Investigation)
Is a specific qualification highly sought after by State and Federal Government organisations such as the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Centrelink, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Child Services or equivalent, and many more.

diploma-of-government-investigationDiploma of Government (Investigation)
With a focus on investigations related to the public sector, the Diploma of Government (Investigation) is a needed qualification for anyone working in the government sector wishing to undertake senior investigator roles.

certificate-iv-in-government-securityCertificate IV in Government (Security)
This government qualification is crucial to the development of skills in the specialist area of Government security, and the meets the requirements of a large number of State and Federal Government organisations.

diploma-of-government-securityDiploma of Government (Security)
With a focus on employment at management and compliance levels, the CLET Diploma of Government (Security) is delivered as an online course with flexibility and support in mind providing a unique qualification that covers a wide range of developmental skills such as assessing security risks and coordinating protective security whilst communicating with and managing Government staff and team members.

certificate-iv-in-work-health-and-safetyCertificate IV in Work Health and Safety
The qualification reflects the role of workers who apply a broad knowledge base and well-developed skills in a wide variety of contexts and may include coordinators, advisors and facilitators.

diploma-of-work-health-and-safetyDiploma of Work Health and Safety
It reflects the role of practitioners who apply a substantial knowledge base and well-developed skills in a wide variety of WHS contexts.

certificate-iv-in-security-risk-managementCertificate IV in Security and Risk Management
Is a very interesting qualification and is designed for individuals seeking to use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in security and risk management.

diploma-of-security-risk-managementDiploma of Security and Risk Management
This qualification builds on the skills gained from the Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management or from equivalent vocational experience and improves leadership and management in the security industry.

advanced-diploma-of-public-safety-emergency-managementAdvanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management)
An excellent qualification for those wishing to improve their skills in the area of emergency management, disaster management, project management, and recovery, treatment and prevention of emergency events.

Police Officer Management - Professional Development

diploma-of-managementDiploma of Management
High level qualification designed to support the knowledge and skills of individuals who are engaged to manage the work of others or to add value to or review management practices.

diploma-of-government-managementDiploma of Government (Management)
This qualification provides all the skills and learning needed to manage a large or small environment in the public sector and deal with the intricacies of Government.

diploma-of-correctional-administrationDiploma of Correctional Administration
With a unique mixture of management and offender services units, the Diploma of Correctional Administration is specifically designed to upgrade your skills, ensure promotion, and improve practices.

advanced-diploma-of-public-safety-police-investigationAdvanced Diploma of Public Safety (Police Investigation)
A great qualification for anyone who has an interest in investigation as conducted in policing, and an interest in learning to apply these unique skills in both the public and private sectors.

advanced-diploma-of-government-managementAdvanced Diploma of Government (Management)
This is a great qualification for anyone with a desire to further their management skills and increase their knowledge in the specific requirements for managing large or medium teams in Government or public sector organisations.

advanced-diploma-of-correctional-managementAdvanced Diploma of Correctional Management
Is a small but effective qualification that can greatly improve your promotion capacity within Correctional Centres, or the Justice and Correctives Services sectors.


Police Applicant Preparation

Why Study to prepare for a Police Career?

Police Preparation

With over 35 years experience in policing and the criminal justice system, CLET staff recommend that all potential police applicants study a police or justice related qualification prior to entering a very unique and challenging police career. The entry processes are rigourous and competitive and police and justice related courses will ensure that you are the best applicant you can be.  Be study ready for the Academy, be ready for the testing, know how to present at interview, understand what is expected of you, and improve your chances of achieving your dream career.

Studying with CLET will ensure that you have access to facilitators who are current and former police and who understand what you need to have the best possible chance for entry. 

Why would you go anywhere else?

Student QUOTE:'First of all a big thank you for all your support and help during the course. I got the call yesterday advising me I would be in the June intake. I'm absolutely stoked. I've recommended the course to numerous people as I found it definitely gave me an advantage over other applicants.' RW

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