Security and Risk Management Courses

Study online for careers in security and risk management, with a modern and flexible Australian private college.

CLET Security, Risk and Investigations Studies, provide vocational level security, investigations and risk management studies across Australia, offerings nationally recognised government investigation and security and risk courses to Advanced Diploma level

CLET courses are nationally recognised training that help prepare students for careers as a security and risk manager, government investigator and professional development for police officers.

Security & Risk Management Courses

certificate-iii-in-investigative-servicesCPP30607 - Certificate III in Investigative Services
Build your investigation skills in preparation for a career as a private investigator. Resources provided 24/7 online. No classroom attendance. Practical and industry relevant assessments. Study at your own pace with guidance from current and former police instructors.

certificate-iii-in-mercantile-agentsFNS30415 - Certificate III in Mercantile Agents
Provides all the knowledge needed to work as a process server, collect debits, locate individuals, and resolve disputes.

certificate-iv-in-security-risk-managementCPP40707 - Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management
Is a very interesting qualification and is designed for individuals seeking to use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in security and risk management.

diploma-of-security-risk-managementCPP50611 - Diploma of Security and Risk Management
This qualification builds on the skills gained from the Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management or from equivalent vocational experience and improves leadership and management in the security industry.

certificate-iv-in-government-investigationPSP40416 - Certificate IV in Government Investigations
Is a specific qualification highly sought after by State and Federal Government organisations such as the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Centrelink, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Child Services or equivalent, and many more.

certificate-iv-in-government-securityPSP40316 - Certificate IV in Government Security
This government qualification is crucial to the development of skills in the specialist area of Government security, and the meets the requirements of a large number of State and Federal Government organisations.

diploma-of-government-investigationPSP50416 - Diploma of Government Investigations
With a focus on investigations related to the public sector, the Diploma of Government Investigations is a needed qualification for anyone working in the government sector wishing to undertake senior investigator roles.

diploma-of-government-securityPSP50316 - Diploma of Government Security
is a specialist qualification that is targeted at employment in Government organisations that require an element of security and risk management.

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