Flexible Online Legal Services Courses for Higher Employability

Press Release

The College for Law, Education and Training (CLET) has announced that it is now offering a very modern and flexible legal services course program across Australia for a large range of students to ensure greater prospects in the job market. From the Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal) to the Diploma of Legal Services, CLET provides students with a variety of courses that increase employability.

The nationally recognised courses from CLET lead to a career as a law clerk, legal secretary, paralegal and a number of other law & administration and government related positions. The students from the College receive attractive job offers in the Legal Sector, Justice Sector, Government, Corrective Services, Policing, etc. amongst others. In addition to the affordable legal services qualifications, CLET offers a massive range of courses in Australia wherein students can register for flexible online accredited and non-accredited courses across nearly 40 different categories and after completing these courses, they receive employment opportunities in Community Services, Fitness Industry, Security, Mining, Courts, Customs, Legal Sector, Business Sector, Management, Risk Management, Emergency Services, Emergency Management, Military, Training and Assessment and others.

A representative from the College says, “Avoid being one of a number. Stand out! Be prepared and know that what you have learned with CLET will not only help you secure the job or career you are seeking, but also ensure you have the knowledge you need to be a valuable employee.” He further says, “The 70 Nationally Recognised Qualifications ensures that CLET is becoming one of the largest private owned and operated Registered Training Organisations in Australia, preparing our students for careers in hundreds of different industries; we are providing our resources round the clock for our students.” Online legal courses offered by the College are provided in a flexible and innovative learning environment where all the resources are available online and students can study at their own pace. It also offers an updated newsletter that offers on-going course information and employment opportunities by subscribing to the CLET monthly newsletter.

About The Company:

The College of Law, Education and Training (CLET) has grown from offering one qualification in Justice and preparing people for policing careers as the College for Law, Education and Training. Established in 2006, it offers vocational level training across Australia with Australian students studying from East Timor, Afghanistan, New Zealand and UK to name a few. It provides online resources that provide students with access to their learning 24/7 on PC, Mac, iPad and Tablets. Teachers, facilitators and tutors are online seven days a week, ensuring that students receive constant support and guidance with their study.

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