Driver Training

We offer our students the opportunity to attend driver training as part of their personal and professional development.

Successful participants will receive the unit:

  • Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours TLIC3036A

CLET Driver Training Video

What is covered for Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours TLIC3036A?

Half day: Driver trainers talk in the classroom about the theory and laws required by drivers at a higher level.

Full day: Practical driving exercises at Mt Cotton Driver Training Complex including:

  • Exercise 1: Emergency brake and avoidance.
  • Exercise 2: Elevated Driving Techniques (forward planning, limit point analysis, scanning, entry speeds and placements, early braking, brake / accelerator transition.)
  • Exercise 3: Slow speed manoeuvre.
  • Exercise 4: Higher level driving

PLUS - Urban Road-Craft Drive:

Participants will drive within suburban and city areas where instruction will focus on promoting the vehicle amongst traffic in a safe confident manner, complying with traffic legislation, dictating to traffic in a safe manner as opposed to being dictated to, plus:

  • Driver assertiveness
  • Scanning
  • Observation
  • Following distances
  • Stopping distances
  • Driver anticipation
  • Driving to the conditions
  • Pro-active rather than re-active.

CLET Following Distance Video

Nationally Recognised Training:

All students attending this training will receive Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours TLIC3036A - an approved driving course recognised by the Queensland Police Service. This Certificate is a mandatory entry requirement for 'P' plate drivers with 12 months driving experience.


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