Online Career Employment Preparation

Employment Preparation

We will prepare you for your future career and employment goals through online study and practical activities.

The difference between securing the job you want and not can simply come down to the questions, are you prepared for what is required? Do you know what to expect?

Online Activities - Study from anywhere:

We have a range of online activities below to help you prepare for promotion in your current employment or new career prospects.

  • Resume templates and advice
  • Psychometric testing preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Keyboard speed and accuracy certificate
  • Computer competency certificate

VIDEO: Practical Activities - Gold Coast & Brisbane:

CLET practical activities are provided for people who wish to ADD MERIT and build skills and confidence for entry into policing, corrective services, security, military, customs and emergency services, to name just a few.


People are welcome to travel from anywhere to participate in our practical activities, conducted on Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

  • Swim proficiency (Gold Coast/Brisbane)
  • First Aid Courses - (Gold Coast/Brisbane)
  • Fitness relevant to position (Gold Coast/Brisbane/online)
  • Firearms familiarisation (Gold Coast)
  • Driver training (Gold Coast/Brisbane)
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