Firearms Familiarisation

Our certified firearms instructors conduct familiarisation with a weapon in a safe and secure environment.

Previously available only to CLET justice students, firearms familiarisation is now available to all CLET students. So, for those of you seeking employment in any of the large number of sectors requiring firearms, this is an exciting experience!

Or perhaps, you have just watched a lot of movies and are curious about the logistics of a weapon. Enrol in a course, and you can look forward to adding firearms familiarisation to your CLET experience today!

CLET Firearms Familiarisation Video

What is covered?

  • Safety induction - introduction to range and firearms safety
  • Stripping the weapon
  • Loading the magazine
  • Live firing of Glock 9mm and Glock 40 cal - to familiarise with the feel, sound and recoil of weapon


All weapons are tethered (held by cabling) to ensure there is no risk to attending students. Tethering ensures that all firearms are pointing down range at all times.


All students attending this firearms familiarisation session will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Firearms Familiarisation

This is the perfect introduction for people who have never held or fired a firearm and wish to enter policing, security or the military, or would just like to participate. Of course this is not provided to teach any specific police type techniques, but designed to build your confidence to:

  • Hold the firearm
  • Feel the recoil when firing
  • Hear the sound of the discharge
  • Use the safety equipment


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