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From the desk of CLET's Managing Director Allen Williams.

The Smart Voice Recognition Teleprompter App for iOS.

According to Starkey (2012, p. 37) students can have learning connections beyond the physical classroom environment. These types of connections can be through the World Wide Web. The use of Internet video conversations and online learning environments allow students to establish and maintain learning connections beyond the walls of a classroom.'

One way to improve the delivery of your message online is to use teleprompter app and equipment when producing your video.

As part of my RTO online video lecturing and presentations for my courses delivered online, I have been using the Teleprompter Premium app for some time.

I wanted to quickly share some details about an amazing new app from the same developer I've been monitoring for several months now, providing an additional feature called AutoPrompter...

According to the developer J. Allen (personal communication, May 24, 2018), the 'AutoPrompter is a truly versatile professional teleprompter app featuring smart voice recognition scrolling. This means that AutoPrompter will intelligently scroll your script automatically (on iPad or iPhone) as you read it by listening to your voice, pausing when you pause, and continuing when you continue. It's so cool!'

AutoPrompter has been through lots of beta testing with hundreds of users around the world, and will be available in July 18, J. Allen (personal communication, May 24, 2018).

Have you ever watched a video lecture or presentation where it is easy to see that the presenter is reading everything they are saying and this has created doubt in your mind relating to their credibility?

Why a teleprompter?

Using a teleprompter is similar to using cue cards. The screen is in front of, and usually below, the lens of a professional video camera, and the words on the screen are reflected to the eyes of the presenter using a sheet of clear glass or a specially prepared beam splitter. You may have seen this used by news presenters on TV.

Here are some examples of teleprompters. An app is loaded onto the table or smart phone that scrolls the script for you to read:


Check out this video on how to use a video prompter 'app' and equipment for your presentations. the app in this video is not the Autoprompter app that I will be using, but a great example of how an app works, an an alternative option, but does not have voice activated scrolling:


Not sure if you have watched any of my Flipgrid videos for assessment 1 (Allen W). If not, or maybe yes, but did not pay much attention or just thought I was brilliant ;), I am using a teleprompter to present my information for each one. Definitely helps reduce the need for uums and pauses and provides you with the confidence to deliver the information you want to include smoothly, where you can control your pace, depending on how much time you have allocated.

Using our LMS Moodle, we are able to upload our video lessons developed using a teleprompter (Alavuk 2014). If you are interested in looking at the new autoprompter, here is the website where you can sign up to be advised when it becomes available in July: AutoPrompter Website


Alavuk, G., and Dolan, H. (2014). Technology matters: Moodle training in VET 37(1), 28-29. Retrieved from:;dn=429071245768437;res=IELAPA

Starkey, Louise. Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age, Routledge, 2012. ProQuest Ebook Central,
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