Project Management Software

From the desk of CLET's Managing Director Allen Williams.

I wanted to share a simple and modern online project management software (tool) that I have been using in my RTO to help us organise our staff and trainers to ensure our courses are compliant and have all the study and assessment requirements covered for our student experience. Just about everything we do in the RTO is a project, or task related, here are some of ours:

  1. Compliance Checks - are we compliant with National Standards
  2. Managing Course Scope - monitoring our qualifications we are allowed to offer
  3. Qualification Design - training and assessment strategies, resources, trainers, validation etc 
  4. Unit Design - is the criteria being covered and how
  5. IT Team Tasks - controlling compliance on our websites, LMS and social media marketing
  6. RPL assessment evidence library
  7. Staff training
  8. Staff currency
  9. Staff qualifications and industry contact - their profile
  10. Staff tasks - to do lists..
  11. Student performance - are they active and submitting assessments (We do not have due dates, so this is very important to monitor progress)
  12. Student completions - who has completed their course - what's next!

I also use this to keep track of my study and assessment timetable for CSU.

This software is brilliant in assisting in our everyday operation in the heavily regulated RTO space.

It is also our best friend when in the trenches of an audit where you must think on your feet. Auditors just sit there saying: Where did you cover this criteria? How do you know that? Why do you do it that way?  How do you know your assessor checked this? etc

Let me introduce Monday! 

To check out Monday you may create a free account and have assess during a free trial. After that you can pay for this services via subscription. Charges are based on how many users.

One of the great things is you can share your projects with as many people as you want (who can contribute and edit) and they do not have do be a registered user.


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