Crime and Justice Studies Short Program

Get a head start in the recruitment process with a quick program in crime and justice studies. Easy to start, easy to finish!


What a great way to get started if you have not studied for a while.  The CLET Crime and Justice Studies Short Program is designed to give you an introduction to the criminal justice system and help you prepare for entry to work in this area.  It has two main purposes.  Firstly, to allow experienced employees to brush up on their study skills and prepare for a change in career.  Secondly, to allow potential students who have not studied for a long time to test out the course and see if Crime and Justice is the best study area.

Students who complete the CLET Crime and Justice Studies Short Program can go on and complete either the CLET 10283NAT Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies or the CLET 10284NAT Diploma of Crime and Justice Studies and receive credit for the units completed.

As an added bonus, when you complete the CLET Crime and Justice Studies Short Program, you will be given access to the CLET exclusive employment preparation area where you can practice answering psychometric assessment questions and access videos to help you understand and prepare for selection interviews.  This is of particular benefit to those students considering entering policing.

Australian Qualifications Framework
Australian Qualifications Framework
Course Name: Crime and Justice Studies Short Program
Course Code: 10284NAT_CJSP
Maximum Course Completion Time: up to 12 months
Units Studied: 3
Nationally Recognised Training:
Fees: $1695
Assessment: Yes
Assessment Due Dates: No - study at your pace
Start Date: Monthly - see timetable
Core Units

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to research legal systems and jurisdictions within Australia.

It applies to individuals who use well-developed research skills to analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources to provide support in a range of legal service settings.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to determine whether a crime has been committed and whether a statutory defence is applicable.

It requires the ability to interpret and apply the relevant State and Commonwealth legislation to analyse situations in which a criminal offence may have been committed, and to identify if key elements have been satisfied. The unit applies to individuals who are required to notify or issue breaches of State and Commonwealth criminal code legislation and their penalties.

This unit addresses the skills and knowledge required to analyse and explain social justice issues and their relation to anti-social behaviour. This requires knowledge of contemporary approaches to human rights, natural justice and equality and their relationship to issues in the crime and justice area. It applies to those working in justice related fields who require knowledge of the impact of social justice issues on criminal justice systems and the wider society and the skills to explain and report on these issues to ensure the application of a more empathetic and informed approach when undertaking justice related work tasks and functions.

This course is assessed using a diverse range of assessment strategies to ensure we cover the assessment conditions for each unit of study and provide our students with interesting and flexible assessment experiences.

All assessments are completed in your own time and submitted online, with no assessment due dates. This modern and flexible approach is designed to reduce the uncomfortable pressure and unnecessary stress that traditional assessment testing is so famous for. Marking feedback is provided online usually within 3 weeks of submission.

Many assessments will include researching, reading and analysing information on your computer, laptop or tablet (Internet required), however each unit of study provides assessment instructions and benchmarks you can easily follow to successfully complete each assessment task.

Click here to read in full: How we assess our courses.

Entry Requirements:

For entry into this short course you must satisfy at least one of the following entry requirements provided below:

  • completion of Year 10 or equivalent with a sound achievement in English; or
  • any work experience 

Is this course right for me?: to assist with your decision, click on the 'Is this course right for me' button below and it will ask you questions to assist in making your decision to enrol.

Technical Requirements: please see the technical requirements below, as you will need access to a modern personal computer and the internet to study this course. In addition, you will need to be able to use this computer, including basic word processing, use of Microsoft Office software and electronic communication platforms and internet search engines.

Enrolment Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) testing: if you cannot meet any of the above suggested entry requirements, which are a guide only and not mandatory, and you would still like to enrol into this course, it is a procedure during our enrolment process to email everyone a link to participate in a short online LLN test that will check your current learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy skills and from these results, allow us to offer you the necessary support needed, if any, to help you successfully complete this course.

This course is delivered in English online and requires all participants to have sufficient spoken and written comprehension to successfully complete all study and assessment requirements.

Participants with English as their second language may need to provide evidence of English language competency if they did not complete year 11 and 12 English before enrolling into the course.

Examples of acceptable evidence:

  • IELTS - testing centres:- Overall score of 5.5
  • TOEFL:- 530 (paper), 197 (computer) or 71 (internet)
  • 12 months in English-speaking employment:- letter from employer or statutory declaration OR
  • Participation in the CLET Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test as part of the enrolment process that will allow you to record your current core learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy skills against the profile of your selected course. From there, support is offered, if required.

If you do not believe your spoken and written English is at the standard to participate in this course, see the following list of organisations that can provide you with assistance to build your English Language and Literacy skills.

The Reading Writing Hotline

Adult Migrant English Program

If you have read through the above information and you believe you have the English skills to participate and complete this program we are here to support you all the way.

CLET student support is monitored Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm (Qld time), so we are here daily to help you with your studies. You can send an individual message to student support 24/7 and all questions will be answered during 8am-4pm (Qld time) Monday to Friday.

If you would prefer personal contact, you may call the student support line during the above hours for phone support from one of our qualified student support officers.

  • Send a message 24/7
  • Phone Support: 8am-4pm (Qld time) Monday to Friday

Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

  • Police Officer
  • Justice Support Roles
  • Police Administrative Support Roles
  • Corrective services in custodial and support roles
  • Local law enforcement officer
  • Prison Officer
  • Watch House Officer

Study Online FEES - By Payment Plan: $1695 (Full Fee)

  • Payment Option*: $500 on enrolment plus remaining amount x 3 Monthly payment(s)
  • Payment Option: $1000 on enrolment plus remaining amount x 1 Monthly payment(s)
  • Payment Option: Approved credit assessment payment plan: $500 deposit and payment plan as per CLET credit assessment (for people with relevant previous study or work experience: - call us, email us or live chat with questions)
* 100 Administration fee applies

Equipment required:

  • Modern computer (PC, Mac or tablet) with speakers and microphone
  • Internet (see the technical requirements accordion below for more information on computer and browser requirements

Software required:

  • Microsoft Office software with Word, or equivalent for Mac or tablet
  • PDF documents are permitted for submission if using tablet applications such as 'Pages' to create your documents

Computer Specifications:

Windows PC / Laptop / Tablet

Apple Mac PC's


  • Android Latest
  • Latest version of Chrome

iPhone & iPad*

* Students using an iPad or iPhone will need to upload documents from a Laptop, PC or have a Dropbox account

Firefox Browser does not support all software provided inside CLET online Study Cloud

CLET technical staff are available if any assistance is required.

Study Now (Online)

This course is a flexible, self paced external course - Study using the latest online software from home with 7 day a week support. No need to attend workshops.

Study from home: self paced

Course Start Dates (Timetable):

  • Monday 15/03/2021
  • Monday 19/04/2021

Apply for Credit for Prior Study

If you have already studied one or more of the same unit/s from this course, you may submit a request for credit for prior study before enrolling. Once approved this will reduce the course fee that you will be required to pay to complete the remainder of the course.


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