Health Sector RPL

Match your training, knowledge, skills and experience to Nationally Recognised Qualifications!


CLET recognises the diverse range of knowledge, skills and amazing qualities required to be a nurse, counsellor, medical assistant, social worker and large range of other health professionals. The CLET RPL team has extensive experience across the health sector and conducts comprehensive assessments to help match employment experience to nationally recognised qualifications where possible.

Nationally recognised qualifications can be of great benefit to access promotion within the health industry or the large range of employment opportunities outside the health sector. You can be certain that the qualified trainers and assessors in the CLET RPL team understand your experience and can help you through the assessment process, making the whole experience as stress-free as possible.

What can I use a CLET issued qualification for?

  • Promotion within the health industry
  • Be a competitive applicant for employment outside of the health sector
  • Know with certainty that your years of hard work and experience have not gone unnoticed


CLET is an Australian RTO (#31254) who specialise in RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) for all those working in all of the Essential Services, that include our military, police, firefighters, paramedics, volunteers, corrections, mining, health and government at all levels.

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