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College for Law Education and Training (CLET) is a trusted Australian family owned and operated brand offering Nationally Recognised Qualifications for both study and recognition of prior learning (RPL). CLET courses are low cost and flexible, with easy to follow study guides and no assessment due dates.

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CLET offers 60+ Nationally Recognised interactive courses. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology delivering comprehensive training and assessment using online resources that provide students with access to their learning on any device.

Study this online course to prepare for careers in all Federal, State and Local Government investigation and compliance positions.

PSP40416 - Certificate IV in Government Investigations is a specific course highly sought after by State and Federal Government organisations such as the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Centrelink, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Child Services or equivalent, and many more. With a specific focus on the development of investigation skills for use in the Government or public sector, PSP40416 - Certificate IV in Government Investigations is a great course to help develop the skills for use in a variety of investigations positions.

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The achievement of receiving the award of a CLET Australian Nationally Recognised Qualification is so much more than just a piece of paper.

It is a formal recognition of knowledge and skills achieved through study, formal and informal training or recognition of your workplace and personal experience (RPL) or both and

has many advantages. Some advantages relate to achieving your employment outcomes, or a pay rise and others may be to role model for your children or simply for personal satisfaction or

an inner confidence to move forward with personal and professional development, to learn new things.

What can I do with a CLET Australian Nationally Recognised Qualification?

  • Proudly display on your resume
  • Frame it and display it proudly on the wall in your home or office (it is an award that not everyone can achieve)
  • Feel a sense of personal satisfaction that you have achieved an Australian Nationally Recognised Qualification
  • Know that your knowledge, skills and experience have been formally recognised
  • Proudly present your qualification to an employer when seeking employment
  • Proudly present your qualification to an employer when seeking a pay rise
  • Proudly present your qualification to an employer when seeking to move into a new position that relates to your qualification
  • Move into a new job or make a career change
  • Successfully transition from one career to the next

A CLET qualification allows employers to connect the dots between your knowledge and skills and what you have done in the past to what they require of you

in their workplace (especially if you have a specialist experience they have limited or no knowledge of), but they will understand what is on the transcript of a qualification.

What does a CLET qualification say about you?

  • You are qualified in a certain area
  • You know what you are talking about in a particular area
  • You are more competitive with a qualification than without
  • Your knowledge, skills and experience have been assessed against a comprehensive set of criteria and formally recognised
  • You have a desire to learn new things
  • You have the personal drive to commit to a task
  • You have the strength to sacrifice personal and leisure time to achieve an outcome
  • You can manage your time
  • You can follow instructions
  • You can finish something you started
  • You value the importance of investing in yourself
  • You are prepared to modernise your thinking
  • You are efficient in the use of a personal computer and/or mobile device
  • You can use software
  • You can research and find information you seek
  • You can use the internet
  • You possess a good level of written communication
  • You have the ability to ask questions in the quest for answers to problems
  • You are analytical and can solve problems
  • You are a team player
  • You are responsible and understand the need to follow rules

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Why Study with CLET?

  • Interactive online study & assessment
  • Tafe & nationally recognised courses
  • Enrol 365 days a year
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL)
  • Study resources available 24/7
  • Live chat, messaging system, SMS

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