Government Courses

Study online for careers in government, investigations, management, courts, security, statutory compliance and fraud control.

CLET Government Studies offers flexible, self paced online training courses for current public sector employees and people who wish to pursue public sector careers in Local, State and Federal Government positions.

CLET offers Nationally Recognised Government courses online that provides general Government Studies at Certificate IV in Government to Diploma of Government level through to specialist Government career pathways including Fraud Control, Investigations, Court Services, Statutory Compliance and Security, plus our comprehensive Advanced Diploma of Government (Management).

Government Studies Courses

certificate-iv-in-governmentCertificate IV in Government - PSP40112
Is a great entry level qualification for anyone wanting to work in the Government or public sector.

certificate-iv-in-government-fraud-controlCertificate IV in Government (Fraud Control) - PSP40612
With a strong focus on the investigation, identification and solution of issues associated with matters of fraud, the qualification is an excellent entry level course for people hoping to work in this unique and interesting area of Government.

certificate-iv-in-government-statutory-complianceCertificate IV in Government (Statutory Compliance) - PSP41412
Equips Government employees with the skills required to function in this specialist area, as well as providing crucial learning for those wishing to enter Government organisations in these specialty roles.

certificate-iv-in-government-investigationCertificate IV in Government (Investigation) - PSP41512
Is a specific qualification highly sought after by State and Federal Government organisations such as the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Centrelink, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Child Services or equivalent, and many more.

certificate-iv-in-government-securityCertificate IV in Government (Security) - PSP41612
This government qualification is crucial to the development of skills in the specialist area of Government security, and the meets the requirements of a large number of State and Federal Government organisations.

certificate-iv-in-government-court-servicesCertificate IV in Government (Court Services) - PSP40412
Is a great entry level qualification for anyone interested in working within the courts, covering both the criminal justice system and the civil justice system.

diploma-of-governmentDiploma of Government - PSP50112
Is a generic qualification specifically designed for students who are currently working, or interested in working, in the Government or public sector.

diploma-of-government-fraud-controlDiploma of Government (Fraud Control) - PSP50612
Fraud control is about ensuring that people do not commit fraud against the Government, including the enforcement of compliance associated with the payment of tax, receipt of Centrelink payments, appropriate use of Government funds, interaction with companies and individuals, illegal appropriation of resources and much more.

diploma-of-government-managementDiploma of Government (Management) - PSP51112
This qualification provides all the skills and learning needed to manage a large or small environment in the public sector and deal with the intricacies of Government.

diploma-of-government-investigationDiploma of Government (Investigation) - PSP51712
With a focus on investigations related to the public sector, the Diploma of Government (Investigation) is a needed qualification for anyone working in the government sector wishing to undertake senior investigator roles.

diploma-of-government-securityDiploma of Government (Security) - PSP51812
With a focus on employment at management and compliance levels, the CLET Diploma of Government (Security) is delivered as an online course with flexibility and support in mind providing a unique qualification that covers a wide range of developmental skills such as assessing security risks and coordinating protective security whilst communicating with and managing Government staff and team members.

diploma-of-government-court-servicesDiploma of Government (Court Services) - PSP50312
This government studies qualification is specifically designed to prepare for the numerous positions required in this segment of the public sector.

Double Diploma – Diploma of Government (Investigation) & Diploma of Government (Fraud Control)Double Diploma – Diploma of Government (Investigation) - PSP51712 & Diploma of Government (Fraud Control) - PSP50612
This double diploma is a unique qualification that encompasses the skills required to coordinate and conduct investigations with a specific focus on fraud control prevention and detection.

advanced-diploma-of-government-managementAdvanced Diploma of Government (Management) - PSP60512
This is a great qualification for anyone with a desire to further their management skills and increase their knowledge in the specific requirements for managing large or medium teams in Government or public sector organisations.

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