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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) ensures individuals with employment experience are given the opportunity to convert that knowledge and practical application of skills to nationally recognised qualifications. This allows individuals to move between employment sectors with qualifications that are recognised and ensures ongoing competitiveness in the marketplace between all age groups.

CLET RPL process is an additional way to assess applicants knowledge, skills and abilities against the criteria for qualifications they wish to be assessed against. The assessment of suitability is conducted using current and former industry professionals and RPL is NOT awarded unless substantial evidence is provided. However, to assist applicants from specialist industries such as policing and military, CLET has conducted extensive mapping against highly recognised training, rank and positions within these areas to reduce the amount of paperwork required to satisfy eligibility.

Once the RPL application form has been completed and submitted and evidence to support this is received, it takes approximately 14 days for the initial assessment to be completed, and then up to an 'additional' 14 days for the final assessment to be completed, once we have been advised by the applicant of their preferred options following initial assessment. All applicants should then be in a position to choose whether to proceed to the award of any of the qualifications within 28 days (7-10 days for providers/insurers) of submitting their application.

PLEASE NOTE: This period of 28 days may be longer depending on the complexity of each individual assessment and the amount of assessment applications CLET has received at that time.

CLET staff work 7 days in the attempt to offer the best service possible for all our RPL applicants.

MAKE CONTACT: If you have not heard from CLET staff within these time frames, please give us a call on 1300 760 605 or live chat on our website during business hours or email: info@clet.edu.au, as sometimes our completed assessments, sent via email, do not reach the intended recipient, but our records will show it has been sent.

The best approach would be to select all the relevant qualifications on the Request for Assessment form on the website at Legal RPL and then let the RPL team conduct the assessment against them all to see what you may be eligible for. Obviously, the most relevant are going to be the Business Administration (Legal), the other generic Business Administration and Business qualifications, and the Legal Services. She can select all of the different levels of these qualifications and the RPL team will assess accordingly. There are no fees associated with the assessment process, so there is nothing to lose by having a full and comprehensive assessment.

The sort of evidence we would require for the RPL process is any documentation that supports her years in the legal sector, such as letters of employment, sample work, position descriptions etc. This is not always easy to find, so a statutory declaration is also an option, which you could create from your resume.

We have representatives from the legal sector on the RPL team so they will know what they are looking at once they see your resume and any supporting documentation. They can do additional checks with previous employers in an anonymous capacity too.

Unfortunately, the Government funding is only available for the actual full study program and cannot be applied to the RPL process. However, there is no obligation to proceed with the award of the qualifications once the assessment is complete, so you can go through the whole process for no cost, and then make a decision at the very end. The assessment remains on file indefinitely for her to access the qualifications approved at any time in the future.

The advantage of having these qualifications is you will have nationally recognised qualifications to demonstrate your many years of experience. This will make you more competitive in the job sector, but is also what you deserve.

College for Law, Education and Training provide people with the opportunity to study courses from our Certificate II in Justice Services up to the Advanced Diploma of Justice to increase their chances of success into a policing career. Other relevant courses include our Certificate IV and Diploma of Justice Studies, all Nationally Recognised.

We have been preparing potential police applicants across Australia for 9 years and have helped over 400 of our students to become police officers.

If you have not been passing the selection process or wish to best prepare yourself, you need a deeper level of preparation which includes solid study to understand the Australia justice system and improve your computer, analytical and literacy skills.

It is imperative that to prepare yourself correctly you should study at least a Certificate III and our most relevant course is the Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal) or Certificate III in Community Services Work. If you wish to be more prepared and competitive we offer the Certificate IV and Diploma of Justice Studies and Advanced Diploma of Justice.

Remember, the preparation you need relates to the knowledge and skills 'you personally need' to be successful. If the police have not stipulated that you need to study, remember that their testing is designed to discover if you can perform at a certain level to ensure you can not only pass the academy training, but meet the academic demands expected of police officers.

All of our courses includes comprehensive psychometric assessment testing and police interview preparation on top of the Nationally Recognised study and research skills included.

When applying for the police in your State or Territory of choice ensure you check any mandatory entry requirements the police request as a minimum and then to add merit and be competitive you need to be the best prepared that you personally can be.

See our Police Studies page for more information

CLET has a very easy online enrolment process!

Click on the Enrol Now button located on the course page you wish to enrol into, complete the enrolment form and follow the simple steps to setup your payment plan. You will then receive emails with a receipt for your deposit paid and course details.

If you still need further assistance, you can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime.

Most of our courses do not have any formal entry requirements!

Each course page has a drop down accordion called: Entry Requirements that provides a list of entry requirements, if any, other than English language skills.

If you still need further assistance, you can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime.

VET-STUDENT-LOANS are only available on selected and Government approved Diploma's and above. Many Diploma's, and ALL Certificate IV, III and II qualifications do not qualify for VET-STUDENT-LOANS with any training college.

CLET could apply to offer VET STUDENT LOANS, but simply, we choose not to for the following reasons:

  • in many cases this elevates course fees and also encourages students to enter into a debt
  • we cannot offer our landmark modern and flexible courses with NO assessment due dates under these government rules, which is a huge hit with our students
  • CLET is dedicated to provide discounted prices for our students that can be paid off during your studies using an affordable INTEREST FREE payment plan, so when you finish your course and receive your certificate you will be debt free

CLET Course fees have not changed in over 10 years and in many courses they have been reduced.

CLET Payment plans can be tailored to fit your individual budget.

You can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime if you have any questions or would like to discuss your study budget and how we can help.


CLET Courses are from the same National Training Packages that TAFE use, however CLET courses are designed specifically with the industry (Jobs market) in mind to maximise our students employability knowledge and skills.

CLET is a registered training organisation (RTO) under the Australian Training framework, which provides us with the ability and permission to offer Nationally recognised courses.

This means CLET will provide you with exactly the same qualification/s you would receive if studied at TAFE, but because we are a private provider (not government funded), our focus is on service and willingness to work longer hours to ensure our students study needs are met to the highest standards.

If you still need further assistance, you can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime.


CLET has a number of courses that are approved for Austudy/Abstudy assistance, providing you are eligible to receive these payments.

If you need further assistance, you can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime.

When a course is completed, you will receive a Nationally Recognised Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma depending on the course you have studied.

For any partially completed course a Statement of Attainment is issued.

All certificates are sent via Registered Post within 7 days of notification from teaching staff that you have successfully completed your studies.

If you still need further assistance, you can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime.

It is really important when considering qualifications that you have documents that are credible enough to present to a potential employer. The images below show you the certificate and transcript you will receive when issued qualifications through CLET.

NOTE: Frame is not included.

CLET Diploma

Online educational software is amazing these days and there is nothing theoretical CLET can offer in a classroom that we can not offer online and we mean nothing. If fact online offers so much more than you will receive in a classroom.

WHY? because online is modern, portable and reliable, available 24/7 and resources remain up to date.

Students can ask as many questions as they wish and have a record of the answers. All assessments are submitted easily online and feedback and marks recorded for easy viewing.

Questions can be asked 24/7 and if urgent you can live chat or send an SMS, just as if you are putting your hand up in class.

Students access all study resources including unit guides, readings, videos, website links and PowerPoints on all devices anytime.

Courses likely to attract practical components such Community Services, Security and Fitness Courses will have practical work placement or workshops timetabled into the program when necessary.

If you still need further assistance, you can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime.

Many CLET courses are studied entirely online, however if practical experience is required in your course criteria, work placement and/or timetabled workshops are scheduled for you to attend and when necessary guidance of a workplace supervisor is provided.

Courses likely to attract practical components are Community Services, Security and Fitness Courses.

If you still need further assistance, you can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime.


Inside the CLET online study area we have a student support tab in the menu that opens a page where you can send as many questions as needed directly to a dedicated student support officer who is just waiting to answer your questions.

There are two ways you can do this: using the send a message text box or simply live chat.

If necessary you can also request phone support.

If you have a question outside business hours you can still send your questions via the message system and they will be answered in the morning of the next business day.

However, if you have an urgent question outside business hours we provide a SMS number that you can use anytime for assistance.

If you still need further assistance, you can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime.

For most CLET courses all assessments are completed, submitted and marked online. Confirmation of any requirement for attendance can be found on each course page under the heading 'Course Details'

CLET has invested heavily to provide our students with an easy to use online system available 24/7 that provides all the theoretically content for all courses.

These resources include a unit guide, readings, videos, text reader, assessment instructions, assessment submission areas that also provides teacher feedback and a record of your performance.

The availability of our online system allows for less class time for courses that have practical components, which provides for a more modern, flexible, convenient and cost effective study experience.

If you still need further assistance, you can contact us on 1300 760 605 during business hours or email info@clet.edu.au anytime.

All courses offered by the College can be studied from home, at your own pace. You are provided with login details where you will have 24/7 access to your study resources using our Online Learning Management System and enjoy 7 day a week study support from teaching staff.

Courses offered by CLET are fully flexible with no due dates. All students will commence as a full time student and after the expiration of the full time study period they will convert to the fully flexible program. This will occur automatically and students do not need to take any action. The full time study periods are as follows, and are the periods approved by Centrelink and in accordance with Government training organisations:

  • Accredited short program – 12 weeks
  • Certificate II level – 20 weeks
  • Certificate III level – 24 weeks
  • Certificate IV level – 24 weeks
  • Diploma level – 48 weeks (including Cert IV)
  • Diploma level – 40 weeks
  • Advanced Diploma level – 72 weeks


The total allocated times for completion of CLET courses are as follows:

  • Accredited short program – 12 months
  • Certificate II level – 12 months
  • Certificate III level – 12 months
  • Certificate IV level – 18 months
  • Diploma level – 24 months
  • Advanced Diploma level – 36 months
  • Traineeship programs – 36 months


Extensions are available for all CLET courses to a maximum of 5 years from commencement. Once this period is exceeded students will no longer have access to the CLET online course management system and will need to re-enrol in their course if not completed and pay all relevant course fees.

There are assessments associated with each unit of competency which vary. There is a combination, across the whole qualification, of written tasks, audio tasks, online assignments and online quizzes, all submitted and completed online. They are all competency based, which means you have the opportunity to redo tasks following feedback from markers.

Unless otherwise stated under the Course Details heading on the course page, the whole course is done from your home or work and you do not need to attend any location for exams.

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