When a potential student proceeds with the CLET enrolment process and submits the online enrolment form, the initial deposit for their chosen course will be immediately deducted from their nominated card.

This application for enrolment does not guarantee a position in a CLET course and is subject to acceptance by College staff. If, for any reason, the potential student is not offered a position in a CLET course, the initial deposit paid upon application will be refunded by CLET in full.

If their application is accepted they must agree to abide by the guidelines of CLET as set out in the student information booklet provided available below and emailed to them after acceptance. If they elect not to abide by any of these guidelines upon receiving the booklet they can advise CLET in writing of this fact, stating which guideline they will refuse to abide by, and their initial deposit paid upon application will be refunded by CLET in full.

For Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applications, no payment is required when the application form is submitted as all assessments are conducted free of charge and obligation free. However, fees will apply once you have been accessed as suitable to receive a qualification via RPL and you decide to proceed with payment.

CLET provide a huge amount of study resources and student support and maintain the lowest fees possible, however if a client or student wish to lodge a complaint for some reason, please complete one of the following documents and we will follow this complaints and appeals policy and procedure.

Download Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure Download Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

If you wish to submit a ‘complaint’ against a staff member or relating to any other matter, and you believe you have exhausted all other avenues of support and assistance we offer our students, please complete and email the following form and management will review the information you have provided and respond within 60 days.

Download Complaints Form Download Complaints Form

Updated 21 July 2021

For online study courses - when offered:

Course fees become due and payable in full on the course commencement date.  Payment plans are offered as a convenience by CLET and do not negate a student’s liability for the full fees at the course commencement date. 
The refund policy explains that no refund of fees will be made after the course commencement date: 
CLET will make a full refund of all fees paid should a course be discontinued by CLET or become unavailable for delivery or assessment by CLET. In this instance, should the student desire to take an alternative course offered by CLET, the fees paid will be fully transferrable to that course. In the event of a course for which the student has sought enrolment being unavailable or no acceptable alternative course is available, all fees paid are fully refundable. 
In no instance will refunds be payable because the industry provider of the vocational outcome has changed their education entry requirements. 
Should a student cancel their enrolment with CLET the following conditions will apply regarding a refund of fees paid:  
The $200 enrolment administration fee is non-refundable in any instance. Cancellation by a student prior to the commencement date of their enrolled course will result in a full refund of fees paid to date minus the enrolment administration fee. 
No refunds will be given for cancellations of discontinuations after the course commencement date or after exclusion for unsatisfactory attendance or behaviour. 
Notification for cancellation of enrolment in a course with CLET must be given in writing. Contact us or via internal message in the CLET online course management system is acceptable. All requests for cancellation will be processed within four weeks and any resulting refund will be paid within one week of the claim being agreed. 

For RPL:

The RPL assessment process is available without cost and therefore refunds are not usually needed. If for any reason a refund is required, a request can be made in writing to accounts@clet.edu.au and will be considered on individual merits. Factors influencing refunds will include the capacity to return the qualification to CLET and the period of time since its issue (giving more time for it to have been distributed and not capable of full recall).


This policy describes the practices and procedures by which CLET will ensure compliance with the relevant privacy legislation to protect the personal information and right to privacy of those that are detailed within the policy. The policy outlines how we collect and deal with information from individuals. This policy is made available free of charge and is hosted on our website at www.clet.edu.au 

Applicable legislation 

This policy implements the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (‘APP’) which is outlined in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Cth).  The Australian Privacy Principles replace the previous National Privacy Principles. 


This policy applies to all personal and sensitive information collected by CLET in regard to an individual. Individual persons: means past and present staff, students and other members of CLET.  

Responsible parties 

The Director is responsible for the control and issuance of this policy (this may be delegated).   The Director has designated the duties and responsibilities contained within this policy to the Training Manager. Therefore, the training manager’s duty is to action this policy. The designated contact details are:  

Email: info@clet.edu.au 

Phone: 1300 760 605 

Complaints and appeals

If you have a complaint about our services in regard to privacy, please contact the Training Manager.  The Training Manager will provide an initial response to an individual’s query or complaint with 48 hours and will resolve the query or complaint within 10 working days from receipt of formal notice of complaint. However, if the individual is not satisfied with the response, they may appeal the decision. 

If they are still not satisfied, they may contact the Australian Privacy Commissioner on 1300 363 992 or https://www.oaic.gov.au/about-us/contact-us/

Security of individuals’ records 

Individuals’ records are secured on our server with password and access level protection. Hard copies of records are locked in our archive room. The Training Manager and Director maintain a list of staff approved for record access. Record access is only provided where the need has been approved in writing by the individual. 


CLET will ensure that it respects the privacy of individuals by implementing the Australian Privacy Principles. 

The APP in the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 sets out how private and public sector organisations should collect, use, keep secure and disclose personal information.

 The principles give individuals a right to know why and how personal information is collected and to whom it will be disclosed. Within the provisions of the Act, CLET will provide individuals access to their information and update and correct or remove information if requested by the individual. 

CLET will ensure it operates consistently with the APP and only collect the personal information that is necessary for the conduct of its business, and that it will use that information in the manner for which it was intended. 


The Director will review the policy annually or earlier. Should there be relevant amendments to the respective Act or changes to the operation of CLET or the educational environment, these changes will be analysed and reflected in the policy.  

The Director will ensure that any updates of amendments to this policy will be provided to staff and current students. 

Purpose of collecting information 

The purposes for which CLET collects personal information of students includes:

  • satisfying legal obligations,
  • administration,
  • to keep employers informed of the student’s progress in the course of study, 
  •  allow CLET to discharge its duty of care. 

The purposes for which CLET collects personal information of job applicants, staff members and contractors includes:

  • satisfying legal obligations,
  • insurance purposes,
  • administering the individuals contract of employment. 

Release of information 

CLET must have the student’s permission in writing with reference to release of information, a form titled “Authority to Release Information” will need to be signed prior to the release of any information on behalf of a student or staff member. 

CLET is required to ask for the staff member's permission in writing with reference to release of information; this is included in the staff employment agreement, which must be signed prior to employment.

Information collected 

CLET collects personal information from individuals solely for the purpose of operating as a RTO under the VET Quality Framework administered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority who is the National VET Regulator (NVR). The requirements of the NVR may mean the release of students or staff member’s personal information for the purposes of an audit. 

The type of information CLET collects and holds includes (but not limited to) personal information, including sensitive information, about:

  • Students and parents and/or guardians before, during and after the course of a student’s enrolment, 
  • job applicants,
  • staff members and contractors; and  
  • other people that come into contact with CLET. 

The information media may take the form of:  

  • interviews,
  • feedback surveys,
  • email correspondence,
  • telephone calls,
  • third party information, and  
  • application forms.  

Data will be uploaded to CLET’s database. 

Provision of information 

Student or staff information will not be provided to anyone unless CLET has permission from the student or staff member or is specifically required to provide the information by the authorisation of an Australian Law/Court order.

For example, student information is only given to the following bodies where required: 

  • ASQA: Australian Skills Quality Authority; 
  • STA:  State Training Authorities; 
  • Employers where the student is a Trainee; and 
  • Other information as authorised. 

While students are undertaking the training program, there will be times when CLET and/or its Training Manager, Training Consultant, Business Development Consultant, Administration Officer may need to discuss the student's program with internal CLET staff and the National VET Regulator – ASQA and/or the student's employer.

Access to information 

Under the Australian Privacy Principles, the student or staff member can access his/her personal information free of charge and may update, correct or delete inaccurate or outdated information about them.

By law, there is certain information that a RTO must maintain for up to 30 years and so we are not at liberty to delete all data; you may clarify requests in this regard with the Training Manager.

Individuals requesting access to information about themselves will be identified and verified in the same way that a Bank verifies an individual's identity when transacting by phone.  


Students will have access to all information held on them. CLET will store and use the information appropriately and limit access to only those who have a legal reason to have access to that information, or whom the student has given permission. 

Students who request access to their information will be given full access to the details they want. No cost will be charged for them accessing their information whilst they are enrolled, students. Access may be requested at any time by email, or internal student message.  Identity verification will occur. 


Staff will have access to all information we hold on them, and we will store and use the information appropriately and limit access to only those who have a legal reason to have access to that information, or whom the staff member has given permission. 

Staff members who request access to their information will be given full access to the details they want. No cost will be charged for them accessing their information whilst they are employed at CLET. If the person is no longer an employee of CLET, and they request access of information there will be no fee involved. The request must be made in writing and identity will be verified. 

Privacy principles 

CLET abides by the Australian Privacy Principles and will not pass on students or other staff member’s information to anyone in any way that may be considered as breaching the Australian Privacy Principles. 

Data provision requirements 

Updated 28 March 2019 

Under the Data Provision Requirements 2012 and National VET Data Policy (which includes the National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy), Registered Training Organisations are required to collect and submit data compliant with AVETMISS for the National VET Provider Collection for all Nationally Recognised Training. This data is held by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER), and may be used and disclosed for the following purposes: 

  • populate authenticated VET transcripts;
  • facilitate statistics and research relating to education, including surveys and data linkage; 
  • pre-populate RTO student enrolment forms; 
  • understand how the VET market operates, for policy, workforce planning, and consumer information; and 
  • administer VET, including program administration, regulation, monitoring, and evaluation. 

You may receive a student survey which may be administered by a government department or NCVER employee, agent or third-party contractor or other authorised agencies. Please note you may opt-out of the survey at the time of being contacted. 

NCVER will collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the National VET Data Policy and all NCVER policies and protocols (including those published on NCVER's website at www.ncver.edu.au). 

CLET Training and all associated trading businesses and companies is committed to embracing practices that support and enhance environmental sustainability.

In 2009, CLET implemented its first environmental policy and has been taking dynamic steps to continue and improve its practices. Since 2009 CLET has:

  • Reduced the use of paper by almost 98 percent
  • Converted all resources to an online environment
  • Minimised the use of textbooks
  • Encouraged the use of environmentally friendly resources where possible
  • Increased the purchase of Green Power
  • Reduced the amount of waste produced and maximised the amount reused and recycled
  • Made environmentally sound purchasing decisions for capital items and consumables

As part of the ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability since 2019, CLET has:

  • Removed the use of paper in office-based operations and across all teaching arenas by more than 90%
  • Removed the use of paper-based textbooks, only using the online format
  • Purchased Green Power
  • Reduced the amount of waste produced by 95%
  • Removed the need for students to travel to class in cars, investing heavily in our online study environment 
  • Allowing all CLET staff to work from their own homes, investing heavily in the best technologies that connect them as if they are working in the traditional office environment
  • Working from home, has removed the need for our staff to travel to work in cars
  • We predict that by working from home, it will increase the working life of our older staff by 10 years
  • Working from home provides a flexible and stress-free working environment for our younger staff with children

CLET and all associated trading businesses and companies are committed to embracing practices that support and enhance environmental sustainability.

The following payment plan policy explains that the payment plan option is provided by CLET for students convenience but does not reduce their liability to meet the course fees in full:

As of 15 December 2011 and in accordance with VET Standards, the option of pay in full for courses is no longer available. CLET offers payment plan options to assist students with the payment of course fees. Students must be aware that they are liable for the fulfilment of their payment plan after the course commencement date regardless of whether they continue their study to completion of their course. This is due to the fact that the online system with all resources for the course is opened to students on the course commencement date. Students electing to participate in payment plans MUST ensure that the funds are available for withdrawal at the nominated deduction dates. Fees may apply for declined payments.

In the instance of a declined payment, access to the CLET learning management system (Study Cloud) will be suspended until the outstanding amount is paid. Students may negotiate alternative payment plan options with CLET but approval is subject to the discretion of Management. In the instance of financial difficulty, students should advise CLET immediately to arrange alternative payment options.

There are timelines within which students may change their enrolled course to an alternative course with CLET. Except in the instance of CLET cancelling or discontinuing a course, the following policy applies to course changes:

All students with CLET have the option to change their enrolled course to any other course offered by CLET within the following guidelines:

Any reduction of course from a higher level to a lower level must be done within the following timelines and only applies to those courses that have all levels imbedded. For example, the Diploma of Justice Studies which includes the Short Program and the Certificate IV as part of the total study:

  • To reduce to an Accredited Short Program – within 12 weeks after commencement
  • To reduce to an Accredited Certificate III Program – within 16 weeks after commencement
  • To reduce to an Accredited Certificate IV Program – within 24 weeks after commencement
  • To reduce to an Accredited Diploma Program – within 36 weeks after commencement

Should a student wish to cease study at the exit points below their enrolled level of study, the course change cannot be facilitated outside these timelines, however, Statements of Attainment or Certificates can be issued. There is a $20 fee charged on all Statements of Attainment or Certificates issued if they are requested prior to completion of the enrolled program.

Any change from a course at one level to a course at a different level or at the same level, but in the absence of an imbedded program, can occur without any cost within the first four weeks after the course commencement date. After this time, a $200 transfer fee will be incurred. In addition, further costs may be incurred if the initial program has been studied and resources used. These costs will be calculated on an individual basis but will not exceed the course fees for the new course being transferred into. Management may waive these fees where applicable.

Any course change from a course at one level to a course at a higher level can occur at any time, incurring the costs that are the difference between the original course price and the higher course price.

Courses offered by CLET are fully flexible with no due dates. All students will commence as full-time students and after the expiration of the full-time study period, they will convert to the fully flexible program. This will occur automatically and students do not need to take any action. The full-time study periods are as follows, and are the periods approved by Centrelink and in accordance with Government training organisations:

  • Accredited short program – 12 weeks
  • Certificate II level – 20 weeks
  • Certificate III level – 24 weeks
  • Certificate IV level – 24 weeks
  • Diploma level – 48 weeks (including Cert IV)
  • Diploma level – 40 weeks
  • Advanced Diploma level – 72 weeks

The total allocated times for completion of CLET courses are as follows:

  • Accredited short program – 12 months
  • Certificate II level – 12 months
  • Certificate III level – 12 months
  • Certificate IV level – 24 months
  • Diploma level – 24 months
  • Advanced Diploma level – 24-36 months (course specific)

Extensions are available for all CLET courses to a maximum of 3 years from commencement. Once this period is exceeded students will no longer have access to the CLET online course management system and will need to re-enrol in their course if not completed and pay all relevant course fees.

Here at CLET we strive to ensure that our standards of quality are in compliance with the VET Quality Framework and Conditions of Registration. The CLET Code of Practice is available here and has been developed to provide students and clients with a commitment to the maintenance of high standards in the provision of vocational training and assessment and other client services.

If you wish to lodge a ‘request to appeal a decision’ against an assessment task you have completed or relating to any other matter, and you believe you have exhausted all other avenues of support and assistance we offer our students, please complete and email the following form and management will review the information you have provided and respond within 60 days.

Download Request to Appeal a Decision Fom Download Request to Appeal a Decision Form

CLET Training prides itself upon delivering courses that are founded upon; extensive experience, up to date resources, informed learning strategies and delivery methodologies to ensure your individual or your organisation’s success.

Download Student Information Booklet Download Student Information Booklet (PDF)

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