Military RPL

Match your military training, knowledge and skills to Nationally Recognised Qualifications!


Working in our Australian Defence Force, or Military from around the world, is a rewarding and challenging career that develops a skill base in its officer that is unique but transferable. Those members at initial enlistment or toward the end of their careers have developed skills in security, risk management, work health and safety, front line management, community service, emergency management, training, first response and much more. The CLET Military RPL team is dedicated to acknowledging the skills of current and former military and ensure that access is given to a fair and valid assessment process for the recognition of these skills.

You can trust the CLET Military RPL team to understand and interpret your experience and assess it against an extensive range of qualifications. Take this opportunity to have your skills assessed against civilian qualifications that are recognised across all employment sectors.

What can I use a CLET qualification for?

  • Promotion within or across the ADF
  • Enhance your eligibility for movement into specialist areas within the ADF
  • Make yourself a more attractive candidate for employment when transitioning from the ADF
  • Pursue opportunities for employment in a massive range of areas including local, national and international
  • Know with certainty that your years of hard work and experience have not gone unnoticed


CLET is an Australian RTO (#31254) who specialise in RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) for all those working in all of the Essential Services, that include our military, police, firefighters, paramedics, volunteers, corrections, mining, health and government at all levels.

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