Legal Sector RPL

RPL assessment for law firms and legal sector

Do you have experience working in a law firm, or in the legal sector in some other capacity?

CLET offers RPL assessments for former or current employees of the legal sector.

We offer the following qualification groups for this sector:

  • Paralegal services
  • Business
  • Leadership and Management
  • Government (for public sector employees)

What evidence do I need?

The legal sector is typically a confidential space which means providing work product as evidence can be impossible. CLET understands this and the following evidence is required as a minimum to get the assessment process started:

  • Position description
  • Employment contract or similar confirming position with firm or organisation
  • Past position descriptions and employment contracts if applicable

Once we have this information we will get the assessment underway and depending upon which qualifications you are seeking to be assessed for, we will discuss additional evidence options as required. Further evidence may include:

  • References or reports from supervisors
  • Competency conversation to test existing knowledge
  • Other information specific to your experience or the qualification requested

What will it cost?

The CLET RPL assessment process is free so you can be fully informed of your options without any cost to you. If you are eligible for full or partial RPL and decide to proceed to the award of the qualification, statement of attainment, or study pathway, then costs are payable. There is no obligation to proceed at any time so you can explore all options without any costs to you.

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