Health Sector Transition

Match your training, knowledge, skills and experience to Nationally Recognised Qualifications!


CLET recognises the diverse range of knowledge, skills and amazing qualities required to be a nurse, counsellor, medical assistant, social worker and large range of other health professionals. The CLET RPL team has extensive experience across the health sector and conducts comprehensive assessments to help match employment experience to nationally recognised qualifications where possible.

Nationally recognised qualifications can be of great benefit to access promotion within the health industry or the large range of employment opportunities outside the health sector. You can be certain that the qualified trainers and assessors in the CLET RPL team understand your experience and can help you through the assessment process, making the whole experience as stress-free as possible.

What can I use a CLET issued qualification for?

  • Promotion within the health industry
  • Be a competitive applicant for employment outside of the health sector
  • Know with certainty that your years of hard work and experience have not gone unnoticed

Welcome to CLET Training! We are a registered training organisation (RTO#31254) that specialises in RPL, gap training and specialised full study options. If you are a skilled worker, which means you have experience in the workplace, then CLET is here to help you increase your competitiveness in the workplace with nationally recognised qualifications. You may have enough experience to get full RPL for a vocational qualification. You may have some experience and be looking for the opportunity to up-skill through a combination of RPL and study. You may be new to the workplace and be seeking a career in any of the key areas that CLET offers study programs in - emergency services, justice, or legal services.

Read on to see all the options that CLET offers. We are confident we can assist you in some way with your future career planning.


With a streamlined online RPL application process and comprehensive online study environment and a large and dedicated responsive team of staff who all work from home, we can continue to service you.  We are working extended hours throughout this time so you can access our services even if your normal routine is disrupted. 

CLET continues to offer RPL for those working in key service groups such as military, police, firefighters, paramedics, emergency services volunteers, corrections, mining, health and government at all levels.  This is where our qualifications are most suited.

But if you are not in these service groups, we may still be able to help. We have over 40 nationally recognised qualifications that we can assess against, so check and see if we have something that suits you, your family or friends, colleagues or acquaintances.  We can conduct an assessment for anyone.

If full RPL is not what you are looking for, keep scrolling to see partial RPL/gap training and full study options.


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