Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL for Police, Military (Defence), Emergency Services and other Specialist Government Experience! 

According to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA 2019), under Clause 1.8 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, CLET must offer recognition of prior learning (RPL) to individuals with workplace and life knowledge and skills—unless the requirements of the training package or licensing requirements prevent this. 

Offering RPL ensures experienced applicants have the opportunity to participate in assessment that is flexible and fair.

ASQA (2019) further advise that 'RPL is an assessment-only process that assesses the competency of an individual—competency which may have been acquired through formal, non-formal and/or informal learning. This assessment seeks to determine the extent to which an individual meets the requirements specified in training packages or VET accredited courses.'

To comply with ASQA's requirements, CLET has been providing 'obligation free' Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Police, Military (Defence) and Emergency Services, plus other's with specialist Federal, State and/or Local Government experience for over 13 years.

Our service is provided to assist those who wish to transition from uniform or other specialist government positions into alternative government or private sector employment with a Nationally Recognised Qualification/s suitable for and recognised by the intelligent and modern industries. Assessment is conducted covering all workplace training, knowledge, skills, training and qualifications achieved and mapped against one or more of our 40 qualifications where a professional report is provided and is obligation free. In other words, we do the paperwork for you! That's right! Unlike many other RTO's we do not just send you a complicated form and expect you to know how to match your knowledge and skills to confusing criteria. Instead, we have a team of experienced and qualified assessors that do the heavy lifting for you and complete the paperwork our end.

CLET does this by providing a streamlined and user-friendly Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL process that steps individuals from a number of unique employment areas through a thorough assessment that helps confirm whether their skills and experience (what you already know) can be converted to any number of a large range of nationally recognised qualifications. CLET works together with the individual to formulate the overall picture of their employment experience for assessment against qualification criteria.

You may wish to participate in the RPL process to achieve qualifications for the workplace or, alternatively, many people just appreciate having their years of experience formally recognised and converted into a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

Because CLET assessors are highly educated and have decades of industry experience across many sectors, we do not put each RPL applicant into the same box. After reviewing the evidence provided our assessors will determine if it is necessary to organise a time to call and discuss the finer details of your evidence, ask for additional evidence or go ahead and conduct the assessment because you have already provided the appropriate level of evidence.

The list of evidence required for you to provide to CLET in order for us to conduct your assessment is found below, listed following the completion of the the RPL Assessment Form and also emailed to you. If your RPL assessment is successful you are provided with the opportunity to proceed to the ‘award of qualification/s’ and fees will apply at this stage.

'I have dealt with them in the past. They also provide training and RPL assistance. I can say my experience with this RTO was excellent they are professional and highly experienced. I highly recommend them!' Marty JT


RPL Process Explained

After reading the information provided on this qualification page, if you then decide to apply to have your knowledge and skills recognised towards this and/or other qualifications, you may click on the RPL Assessment button and complete to commence the process.

Click on the following headings to learn more about the CLET recognition of prior learning (RPL) process.

CLET specialises in providing recognition of prior learning (RPL) to people who are current or former police, military, emergency services, nursing and all other government at all levels. WHY? Because that is where our workplace knowledge, experience and education is focused and current.

The RPL assessment process is 'free of charge' and 'obligation free'. You only pay the RPL fee if you wish to be awarded with your qualification/s and receive the certificate/s after the assessment process is complete and you are advised of the result. We do this in recognition of the impeccable work you have done for our community.

After you complete the RPL Assessment form, evidence to support your knowledge and skills is required. When this is received, CLET staff will commence the initial review of your experience against the criteria of one or more qualifications. On the application form you may elect the qualification/s you wish to be assessed against or ask for a general assessment.

  1. The more evidence you provide that is relevant against the qualification/s criteria you wish to be assessed against, the easier it is for CLET staff to be confident you possess the knowledge and skills required.
  2. If required, a competency conversation may be conducted over the phone

The following list provides you with a step by step explanation of the RPL process.

  • click on the RPL Assessment button
  • complete all requested fields and submit
  • read the next page that appears
  • upload your evidence on this SECURE page (Scanned copies in a .zip file) or email.
  • receive email and SMS confirmation
  • CLET staff process. Evidence secured, returned or destroyed immediately after the assessment is conducted)
  • receive result of initial review via email within 14 days or longer depending on amount of applications being processed
  • you advise which qualification/s you would like to be formally assessment against
  • formal assessment is conducted within a further 14 days and you are advised of outcome
  • if successful, request certificate/s, payment is now due
  • receive your qualification/s via registered post

What evidence can be provided to support your application?

  • current Resume or CV
  • police officers - service history (important)
  • relevant job descriptions
  • letters of reference or commendation
  • in service courses
  • qualification transcripts
  • PMKeys Service record
  • course reports
  • performance appraisal reports
  • references
  • personal self-assessment letter explaining your experience
  • other information
  • phone conversations to confirm knowledge and skills may be conducted

CLET assessors have a combined experience of over 50 years working in and with police, military, corrections, education, government at all levels, emergency services and the health sector. We have a combined collection of university degrees in:

  • law
  • criminology
  • education
  • psychology
  • business
  • arts with philosophy and psychology


plus Master Degrees in:

  • criminology
  • business administration (MBA)
  • policing, security and terrorism
  • emergency management
  • public health


To compliment these higher qualifications our assessors have more than 40 Vocational qualifications in:

  • training and assessment
  • government
  • policing
  • justice
  • investigations
  • driver training
  • security and risk management
  • security operations
  • corrections
  • counselling
  • work health and safety


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